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    Li Lei and Han Meimei


    Genre: Film

    Type: Youth Nostalgic Film

    Scriptwriter: Yang Yongchun, Xiao Li, Chen Lin

    Director: Yang Yongchun

    Producer: Chen Yongning

    Starring: Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Yijie, Li Jiacheng

    Release Date: In June, 2017


    Story Outline: Han Meimei is a senior high school student and falls in love with her classmate Li Lei secretly. Li is an excellent student with fine qualities and always gets full scores in English examination, while Han has to work hard to improve her English learning.

    Han is a lively and candid girl, who gradually wins Li’s affection. As the characters of English textbooks, Li and Han represent the youth period of Chinese post-1980s generation. Their stories may remind you of adolescent love and unforgettable youth.

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