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    Corporate Team
  • Mr. LIU Dong (劉東)

    Mr. LIU Dong (劉東), an executive Director of our Company appointed on 24 February 2010, and one of our substantial shareholders. Mr. LIU has been with our Group since the acquisition of the equity interest of Zibo Yinshilai Textile Co., Ltd. (淄博銀仕來紡織有限公司) (“Yinshilai Textile”) by Zibo Yinshan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (淄博銀 杉化纖有限公司) (“Yinshan Chemical Fiber”) in June 2005. Mr. LIU is currently the legal representative and a director of Yinshilai Textile and was firstly appointed to such posts in September 2005. Mr. LIU was appointed as a Director of our Company on 24 February 2010. He is also a director of each subsidiary of our Group (except Zibo Huiyin Textile Co., Ltd. (淄博匯銀紡織有限公司) (“Huiyin Textile”)). He is primarily responsible for overall business development, strategic planning and business development of our Group. Mr. LIU has accumulated 20 years of experience in the textile industry in the PRC, which can be traced back to 1996 when he was appointed as the general manager of Zibo Wanjie Fiber Co., Ltd. (淄博萬杰 纖維有限公司). Mr. LIU had served as a deputy general manager of Zibo Wanjie Group Co., Ltd. (淄博萬杰集團有限公司), and subsequently as a director and general manager (between December 1998 and December 2001) and the chairman of the board of director (between December 2001 and November 2004) of Shandong Wanjie High-Tech Co. Ltd. (山東萬杰高科 技股份有限公司) (“Wanjie High-Tech”). Mr. LIU studied in College of Textile Engineering of Shandong (山東紡織工學院) majoring in management and subsequently obtained a master of business administration degree from the Chinese Academy of Social Science in November 1998.

  • Mr. LIU Zongjun (劉宗君)

    Mr. LIU Zongjun (劉宗君), is an executive Director of our Company appointed on 26 June 2012, and chief executive officer appointed on 1 April 2015. He joined our Group as assistant to the chairman of the board of directors, deputy general manager and manager of the human resources department of Yinshilai Textile since April 2010. Mr. LIU was appointed as a director of Huiyin Textile in March 2012.

    Mr. LIU is experienced in administrative management and has accumulated 17 years of experience in the textile industry. Between July 1993 and June 1994, Mr. LIU worked in the Shanghai office of Weifang Economic and Trade Centre (濰坊經濟 貿易中心) governed by the Shandong Weifang Municipality Economic Committee (山東濰坊市經濟委員會). Between September 1994 and October 2004, Mr. LIU worked with Wanjie Group Co., Ltd. and held a series of positions including the role of executive in foreign economy and trade department of the Shanghai office, assistant to the general manager of Zibo Wanjie Fiber Co., Ltd. (淄博萬傑纖維有限公司) and assistant to the general manager and human resources manager of Wanjie High-Tech. Between October 2004 and April 2010, Mr. LIU served as general manager of Zibo Tianhao Weaving and Dyeing Co., Ltd (淄博天浩織染有限公司). Mr. LIU graduated from Shanghai Textile College (上海紡織高等專科學校) in July 1993, majoring in textile material chemical processing. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese literature from Shandong University of Technology (山東理工大學) in January 2007. He also obtained Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Donghua University (東華大學) in December 2014.

  • Ms. CHEN Chen (陳辰)

    Ms. CHEN Chen (陳辰), is an executive Director appointed on 24 September 2015. Ms. CHEN has more than 10 years of experience in the field of finance and investment. From April 2006 to October 2011, Ms. CHEN was a vice president of Haitong Securities Co., Ltd (Investment Banking Division, Shenzhen Branch). From November 2011 to May 2014, Ms. CHEN was the vice president in charge of investment of the Shenzhen branch company of Haitong Kaiyuan Investment Company Limited (海通開元投資有限公司). From June 2014 to November 2014, Ms. CHEN was the assistant to the president and the finance controller of the Energy Management Contracting department of NVC Lighting (China) Co., Ltd. Ms. CHEN held position as a senior vice president of Beijing Ying Sheng Culture Investment Limited (北京瀛晟文化投資有限公司) from February 2015 to September 2015. Ms. CHEN has studied German literature in the Beijing Foreign Studies University and obtained a master degree in business administration from the University of Mainz in Germany.

  • Mr. TAN Bin (譚彬)

    Mr. TAN Bin (譚彬), is an executive Director appointed on 8 November 2016 and has worked in the investment banking and capital markets sectors for many years, and is experienced in corporate financing and merger and acquisitions matters. He has been involved in numerous corporate finance projects. Prior to joining our Group, he served as a director of Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited (華泰金融控股(香港)有限公司) from March 2015 to July 2016. During the period from August 2008 to December 2014, he held several positions in BOC International Holdings Limited (中銀國際亞洲有限公司) including analyst, manager and associate director. Mr. Tan graduated from the Beijing University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in applied physics. He has also obtained a Master’s degree in telecommunication engineering and a Master’s degree in digital communications from Monash University in Australia.

  • Meng Fanyao (孟凡耀)

    Mr. Meng Fanyao is a famous Chinese film and television producer with over 30 years of working experience in film and television industry. He was awarded China’s second “Top Ten Producers”, and won second “Top 100 Television Art Workers Award” and sixth and seventh “Top Ten Producers” of national Television series. And he is the only producer in China who has been awarded the title of “Top Ten Producers” of national television series thrice, making outstanding achievements to the film and television industry.

    In 2001, he was also awarded the title of “The State’s Most Influential Producer”. His representative woks include Qiao’s Grand Courtyard, Passion-burning Years, The Wild Duck 1, The Wild Duck 2, The Moon Opera, TiandiMinxin, Mazu and The Legend of a Hong’an General. These works have been successfully broadcast on CCTV, provincial satellite TV stations and provincial terrestrial channels. Many of them have won the “Flying Apsaras Award”, “The Golden Eagle Award” and the national “Five ‘One’ Project Award”.



  • Mr. He Han (何漢)

    Mr. He Han, graduated from the Management Department of Beijing Film Academy with a bachelor's degree in Film and Television Management and form National School of Development at Peiking University with a MBA degree, is a famous senior filmmaker, a standing member of the board of directors of the Beijing Film Academy and the president of the Beijing Starrise Pictures Culture Co., Ltd.

    He also acted as the general manager of Beijing Airmedia Corporation Limited, as the president of Beijing Xinghe Lianmeng Entertainment Co., Ltd., as the vice president of the CITIC Culture Media Group, as the chief director of the planning division of Century Heroes Film Investment Co., Ltd., and as the publisher of the “Cinema World” magazine.

    He produced Goddess From the Future, The Unforgettable Years, Wild City, Lonely Island and Lemon. He supervised the production of I Love Wolffy 2, Beauty Private Kitchens, Roco Kingdom 3, Outcast, What Women WantTongbai HeroesBonnie BearsEast Wind RainEternal Loyalty, Breaking The Waves, Super Player and Temptation of Happiness.

    And he engaged in the production of The Grand Mansion Gate, The Emperor Han Wu, Love Against Kingship, Empress Wu Mei Niang, Jasmine Women, Together With You, Little Red Flowers, Jade Goddess of MercySouth of the CloudsThe Trip and Swordmen of The Passes, etc.

  • Mr. Zhangbo (張波)

    Mr. Zhangbo was graduated from the department of foreign languages of Tsinghua University and obtained a Master’s degree in Media Studies at Stanford University.

    He was a reporter in the San Francisco KPST TV Station and Vancouver Urban TV Station for years. After returning to China, he has been engaged in media industry. He successively worked as a reporter, editor-in-chief and manager from CCTV, Travel Channel and China Television Media Co., Ltd.

    He was the deputy general manager of Beijing Airmedia Corporation Limited, mainly responsible for the production of airline entertainment content, the operation of film and TV series copyright, overseas cooperation and film and TV series investment.

    He took part in the investment and production of film and TV series such as The Unforgettable Years, Wild City, Roco Kingdom 3, Bonnie Bears, Temptation of Happiness, Beauty Private Kitchens, East Wind Rain, Super Player, Lonely Island, Lemon, etc.