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    Care And Fear is Reputed as “The Dark Horse” with High Box Office

    According to a report from Chinanews on May 16, the film Care And Fear released on May 12 enjoys high box office. In the first weekend, its box office transcended RMB 10 million yuan. Thus it is praised as “The Dark Horse” in the Chinese films released during the first half of 2017.

    Care And Fear has ingenious narrative structure and suspense design. This imaginative film greatly startled the audience for its unexpected plot. By adopting the narrative approach of separating the whole story into several sections, Director Li Yuhe manages to bind the irrelevant characters together and unfold the whole story in one night. At first sight of the film title, the audience may think it is a thriller requiring great mental efforts, but it turns out to be a comedy. The audience can see the sincerity and elaboration of its film-making when getting surprised and amused by the contradictions and conflicts among characters in the appropriate narrative rhythm.


    Since it was released, Care And Fear has received increasing praises from the audience. Gao Ye acted as the chief actress Ma Lilian. She said that the role’s personalities were completely opposite to her real personalities. However, Ren Suxi, who acted as Miss Gu in the film, said, “Since Chen Xixu, Dong Bo and I started to get familiar with the script one month in advance, we perform very efficiently and smoothly without being interrupted by the director.

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