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    Tong Yao’s new play Qiao’s Grand Courtyard 2 finished shooting, demonstrating her two-sided image with beauty and uniform

    Qiao’s Grand Courtyard– the Way to the Light is the continued legend of Qiao’s Grand Courtyard, demonstrating the main characters’ perseverance in saving the country and the people by doing business. Tong Yao plays Lian Hua who is independent and self-strengthening and dares to love and hate. She is not only one of the most loyal followers of the revolution but also a woman having emotional entanglements with the male protagonist. Tong Yao also disclosed that the character of Lian Hua is skillful and strong, and capable of fighting the enemy, but she is also a woman immersed in love. She is bent on wearing red makeups to marry her love. Tong Yao said that the shooting process was tormenting as the lines are touching and easily brought her to the plot and begin to sweep. She added that, for quite a while, she cried every day while shooting the drama.


    We can see from the posters that Tong Yao either wears a military uniform or a wedding dress, or a black cloak, giving the audiences a mysterious feeling. The fine dresses and acting are very close to the character of the drama. It is learned that Tong Yao will join in the shooting of a great IP work following Qiao’s Grand Courtyard– the Way to the Light.

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