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    The Adoption Produced by Silverman Won the Golden Angels Award for Outstanding Chinese TV Drama in the Chinese American Film Festival

    The Subsidiary Starrise Pictures Publishes Portfolios and Expands the Market of Young Audience in the Media Industry


    According to a Hong Kong report from PR Newswire on November 16, 2016Silverman Holdings Limited (“Silverman”; stock code of the main board in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited:1616) published today that The Adoption, which was co-produced by its subsidiary Beijing Huasheng Taitong Media Investment Company Limited (“Huasheng Media”) and a U.S. company, won “the Golden Angels Award for Outstanding Chinese TV Drama” in the 12th Chinese American Film Festival. And its Chinese American actress called Kiana Fong was awarded the title of “The Best New Actress” in her first TV drama.


    Chinese American Film Festival is an annual grand event for Chinese and American film and television industry. Aimed at promoting the communication between Chinese and American film and television industry, it engages numerous American media and entertainment organizations and gains support from The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Televisionof the People's Republic of China (SAPPRFT) and The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). During every November, the Committee of Chinese American Film Festival holds 200 screenings at many mainstream American cinemas in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. During every screening, the Committee invites insiders from both Chinese and American film and television industry for inspection and communication and holds academic forums at famous cinema colleges and museums in the US.


    It is of great importance for The Adoption to win this award. It reflects not only the strong production level of Huasheng Media and Mr. Meng Fanyao, but also the deep cooperation between China and the U.S. in the TV drama industry, providing an international direction for the future development of the industry. The Adoption tells the story of a divorced mother. To save her adopted daughter suffering leukemia, she comes to China to search for her adopted daughter’s natural parents. Besides Kiana Fong, who won the title of “The Best New Actress” for her role of the adopted daughter, its performers are first-tier stars from Mainland China and Hong Kong, such as Yuan Yongyi, Hu Xing’er, Ding Haifeng and Pu Cunxin.


    The Hong Kong listed company Silverman said that it was a great honor to be the investor and producer of The Adoption. Recently, the company has made every effort to develop the business of film and TV series. In addition, Beijing Starrise Pictures Co., Ltd. (“Starrise Pictures”, formerly called “Yingsheng Culture”), another Silverman’s company of film and Television production, has recently published a series of web dramas and IP reserves to attract young audience with emerging entertainment content.


    According to the announcement of Silverman, Starrise Pictures has participated in the investment and production of various film and TV series, including the TV series The Unforgettable Years, the youth web drama Goddess From The Future, and IP films Li Lei and Han Meimei, A Test of Love Adventure, Care and Fear, Goodbye to Time and Love @ You, which have finished being shot and entered into the post production. In addition, Starrise Pictures has many mature films and TV series and IP reserves. Among them, the scripts of Those Voices (sci-fi drama), When Love Fades Away (fantasy romance drama), Boyfriend Upgrade (fantasy romance drama), Detectives for Shiling (sci-fi crime drama) and Love Fantasy Show (romance film) have been completed. Starrise Pictures will arrange the shooting of these dramas successively according to the external conditions of market environment.


    Silverman will orient to the market with new business status, and retain older generation of audience and focus on attracting younger generation of audience through new business platform to enhance its market coverage rate in the Chinese media industry. The optimization of business structure and outstanding performance of its products are expected to create more profits and returns for the company’s shareholders.

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