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    The Adoption, a high-profile theme at “Beijing TV Program Market & Exhibition – Spring” leads the 2016 affectional teleplay

    At the 2016 Beijing TV Program Market & Exhibition – Spring (hereinafter referred to as the Spring BJTVME), the first Chinese adoption-themed TV drama The Adoption made its appearance surprisingly and became the focus with its special theme. It is learned that this drama is co-produced by Beijing Dongwang Culture & Development Co., Ltd., Hubei Broadcasting and TV Station, Hubei Changjiang Huasheng Television Company Limited, Beijing Huasheng Taitong Media Investment Company Limited and Beijing Xingyuan Heli Advertising Co., Ltd. It’s jointly produced by Producer Meng Fanyao, Supervisor Pan Hongye, Scriptwriter Li Wa and Director Li Ni.


    The special theme demonstrates the glory of human nature

    This is the first drama under the theme of adoption. It tells the story about Linda (played by Anita Yuen) who, encouraged by her father, decided to look for the biological father for her seriously sick adopted daughter Nana (played by FONGKIANA) in China. It’s a tear-jerking story about the characters with different identities and of different classes, including Nana, Linda, taxi driver Liu Pingfan (played by Ding Haifeng), movie star Xue Mei (played by Myolie Wu) and successful businessman Wu Jiang (played by Pu Cunxin).


    Sun Honghua, chief teleplay reviewer of Beijing TV Station praised The Adoption as the earth-moving machine that has excavated the best of mankind and as the adherence to human morality with humane care. In The Adoption, strangers work together for saving the life of Nana, and stick to unconditional understanding and trust at the time full of unknowns and uncertainties. The true emotions continue to ferment in Beijing and wash the soul of such a big city. The story only involves three families but embodies the human nature and morality of the times.

    Abandoning worldly luxury becomes the highlight of the BJTVME.


    At the BJTVME, the audiences were dazzled by the multiple themes, including magnificent historical plays, romantic and moving idol dramas and the optic nerve touching mystery dramas. The Adoption has explored a new road by abandoning elaborate costumes and returning to simplicity and truthfulness. It seems more impressive to the audiences. General Supervisor Pan Hongye noted, “The audiences have been accustomed to grandeur and special effects, so we wish to use the most natural way to touch the audiences.”


    In recent years, dramas under modern urban themes have been well welcomed by the audiences. A small number of works have taken laughing points as the selling point, but they finally became a flash in the pan after enjoying the popularity for a time. Chinese literary critic Zhong Chengxiang said at last year’s BJTVME, “In the torrent of information, what can be retained will be the works highlighting the glory of humanity.” The Adoption comes as a new theme with scriptwriter Li Wa’s life experience as the creation resources. After 30 years of accumulation, Li Wa presents us a great affectional teleplay.

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