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  • “Silverman Holdings” Will Be Changed To “Starrise Media” Since 3 November 3



  • The Surreal Comedy Care And Fear Supervised by Er Dongsheng Is About to be Released on April 14—The Story of An Impotent Husband Hiring A Killer to Murder His Wife


    The Surreal Comedy Care And Fear was directed by Li Yuhe, supervised by Er Dongsheng, and starred by Chen Xixu, Gao Ye, Ren Suxi, Dong Bo, Lou Yunfei, Geng Yizheng, Cao Rui and Chen Chunsheng. It is announced to be screened on April 14 nationwide with its posters and trailer unveiled today.

  • Care And Fear is Reputed as “The Dark Horse” with High Box Office


    According to a report from Chinanews on May 16, the film Care And Fear released on May 12 enjoys high box office. In the first weekend, its box office transcended RMB 10 million yu..

  • Zhang Yutong plays a perfect goddess in Goddess from the Future, which is just in the can


    The campus youth comedy Wujiecao College – Goddess from the Future starring Zhang Xiaotong, an emerging star, was just in the can recently. The highly beautiful and young actors an..

  • Start of the shooting of Goddess from the Future, in which Zhang Yutong plays a rich second generation bravely pursuing love


    Heyi Pictures, Huace Group and Yingsheng Culture together with Conic Technology make the investment in the super campus youth comedy Wujiecao College – Goddess from the Future, the..

  • Nan Sheng exposed her “quarrel” with Xue Zhiqian in A Test of Love Adventure


    On July 11, the press conference of adventure, love and comedic film A Test of Love Adventure was held in Beijing. Director Ma Liwen and the cast members Xue Zhiqian and Nan Sheng, etc. attend the press conference. In the film, Nan Sheng and her boyfriend played by Xue Zhiqian attend an A test as lovers, but they accidentally fall into a love triangle. At th..

  • Li Lei and Han Meimei made its debut at Shanghai International Film Festival


    On June 12, Hollysound Pictures held its press conference in Shanghai Exhibition Center, at which 锚点Hollysound Pictures disclosed the first-batch 17 film and television IPs and int..

  • From a single product to a brand, Wujiecao College producer completed the Pre-A round financing of tens of millions yuan


    Wujiecao College, Dear Me and some other young and reasonless video content producers Conic Technology told 36Kr recently that they had accomplished the Pre-A round financing for tens of millions of yuan. The investor is FutureCap in this round of financing. After this round of financing, they will integrate several online variety shows with the big brand of..

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