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    Job Vacancy: International Accounting Manager

    Recruiting Number: One Person

    Education Background: Bachelor’s degree or above

    Age: 25-35 years old

    Major: Financing or Accounting



       1. responsible for the establishment and management of the bank accounts of overseas companies;

       2. responsible for the deployment, management and auditing of capital from overseas companies;

       3. responsible for the daily financial accounting, statement compilation, and compilation of quarterly and annual consolidated statements of overseas controlling companies and the auditing and taxation-related work of registered companies in Hong Kong, etc.;

       4. assisting to manage the semiyearly and annual statements of overseas listed companies and support all the financing works;

       5. assisting the financial management of financial companies such as overseas banks, insurance companies and security companies;

       6. assisting to support the preliminary due diligence investigation of fund programs and post-investment financial management;

       7. assisting the post-investment financial management of domestic and foreign non-controlling companies;


       1. capable to use English as daily working language;

       2. having experience in financial auditing and management;

       3. capable of bearing certain working pressure and irregular short-term travel;


    Job Vacancy: Legal Director/Manager

    Recruiting Number: One Person

    Education Background: Bachelor’s degree or above

    Age: 25-45 years old

    Major: Science of Law



       1. giving advice on or guidance to the legal problems involved, safeguarding the legitimate interest of the company and ensuring the company to achieve its strategic target;

       2. operating the projects of M&A and investment, participating in the negotiation of major overseas projects of the company and drafting, examining and amending  relative legal documents;

       3. responsible for the due diligence investigation of legal problems and writing the standard legal opinion or due diligence investigation report.

       4. tracking relative laws and regulations and the corporate and industrial development, and providing legal advice to the company’s decision-making;

       5. participating in dealing with the disputes related to the company’s overseas projects, and taking charge of the legal disputes and litigations of the company’s daily operation and legal risk prevention;

       6. responsible for the selection and recruitment of the external law office, mastering the expertise and advantages of the external law office, and cooperating with the external law office to carry out relative legal affairs;

       7. answering the legal questions related to overseas projects raised by other departments;

       8. completing other tasks assigned by the superior leaders.



    1. obtaining a bachelor’s degree or above on the science of law, especially having experience in Hong Kong listed companies, NEEQ, IPO and M&A;

    2. having over-3-year working experience in legal field, especially holding the Lawyer Qualification Certificate of the People’s Republic of China;

    3. familiar with corporate law, contract law, labor law and laws and regulations on investment and financing and acquiring litigation expertise and experience;

    4. having strong ability of oral and written expression, and good ability of communication and coordination;

    5. having good ability of communication and coordination and strong work initiative;

    6. working meticulously and seriously, and capable of bearing high working pressure;

    7. passing Cet-6 or above, capable of using English as working language, and those with an outstanding resume will be selected for an interview.