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    Beijing Starwise Culture Media Co.,Ltd

    Founded in 2014, Beijing Starwise Culture Media Co., Ltd. is a diversified film and television media company with branding IP operation as its core. Its scope of business covers market analysis, content development and incubation, film and television production, publicity and investment. With the long-term analysis of the market and consumers and profound business operation experience, the company team judges the demands and opportunities of the content market and cultivates branding IP in all the sectors. Meanwhile, based on the core connotation and positioning of IPthe company selects suitable entertainment carriers, such as film and television, literature, animation and game, and conducts targeted cultivation, marketing and cross-border cooperation. Besides, it creates quality IP projects with growing value through content recreation fit for the manifestation of IP. The company has unique advantages especially in the film and television marketing. Oriented by the market, the Company creates hot topics and events in combination with social hotspots to drive another record high in the hits or box office of film and television series by utilizing abundant new media platforms such as WeChat and microblog as well as various marketing means.


    Its classic cases in film and television marketing include bringing outstanding box office results and public praise to xXx极限特工, Railroad Tigers铁道飞虎, Keep Calm and Be a Superstar卧底巨星 and other films through innovatively integrated marketing mode. Its film and television development projects include the network drama Bulletproof Teacher (防弹教师)adapted from the populous game Cross Fire  , the film and television series Platina Data白金数据adapted from the novel of Keigo Higashino, Tearful Useless Superpower 泪奔吧无用超能力adapted from a network novel, and the animation film You Seem Delicious 你看起来好像很好吃adapted from the cartoon book of Miyanishi Tatsuya.