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    Beijing Starrise Pictures Culture Co., Ltd.

    Beijing Starrise Pictures Culture Co., Ltd. is changed from Beijing Yingsheng Cultural Investments Co., Ltd. Founded in 2014, it mainly engages in the whole industry chain business of film and television creativity including content production, project investment and consultation, copyright operation, film promotion, entertainment marketing and artist agency. Under the leadership of senior filmmaker He Han, Starrise Pictures has invested in the production of many works, which are represented by the television series The Unforgettable Years, the network drama Goddess From The Future and IP films such as Li Lei and Han Meimei, A Test of Love Adventure, Care And Fear and Goodbye to Time.


    Starrise Pictures also focuses on originality and demands of young audience, and has developed strategic partnership with IP incubating enterprises including ChineseAll and Mopian Media, gaining development priority of numerous IPs. In addition, Starrise Pictures cooperates with online video platforms such as Youku Tudou, iQIYI and Tencent and enjoys obvious advantages in the new media promotion and distribution of internet dramas, films and TV series.

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  • Care and Fear

    Starring: Gao Ye, Chen Xixu, Ren Suxi
    Director: Li Yuhe Scriptwriter: Li Yuhe
    Film/Surreal Comedy Film

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  • Goddess From The Future

    Starring: Liu Yichang, Xiao Yan
    Director: Chen Pengyu Scriptwriter: Yu Ren Producer: He Han
    Web Drama/Sci-fi Comedy Drama

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  • Goodbye to Time

    Starring: Du Weihan
    Director: Xue Xianjian Producer: Zhang Bo
    Youth Nostalgic Film

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  • A-Test: The Love Adventure

    Starring: Xue Zhiqian, Yu Xiaotong, Hai Lu
    Director: Ma Liwen Scriptwriter: Zuo Xiaoquan
    Film/Romance Film

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