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    The Adoption

    MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSThe Adoption

    Type: Urban Emotional Drama

    Scriptwriter: Li Wa/Li Ni

    Director: Li Ni

    Producer: Meng Fanyao

    Starring: Anita Yuen, Myolie Wu, Ding Haifeng, Pu Cunxin

    Release Date: In August, 2017





    Story Outline: Linda is a divorced middle-aged Chinese-American in San Francisco. 13 years ago, she adopted a Chinese girl named Nana. But unfortunately, Nana suffers from acute lymphocytic leukemia. To help Nana receive the bone marrow transplantation, Linda quits her job, sells her house and comes to China with her father to search for Na Na’s natural parents. They meet Liu Pingfan, a taxi driver who can speak English. Liu takes them to search China. With the help of the local police station and hospital, they finally find Na Na’s natural mother Xuemei. Xuemei has become a successful woman and recognizes Nana despite others’ opposition. But her bone marrow is not a match for Nana. Then they find Na Na’s natural father Wu Jiang. Wu Jiang doesn’t know he has a daughter but rescues Nana regardless of social and family pressure. Xuemei and Wu Jiang both want to take back Nana’s custody. Through ups and downs, Linda finally retains Nana’s custody and falls in love with Liu Pingfan.

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