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    Yichang Defense

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    Type: Drama of Anti-Japanese War

    Scriptwriter: You Jia

    Director: Qi Xing

    Producer: Meng Fanyao

    Starring: Xu Jia, Tong Lei, Lui Leung Wai, Hou Yong, Chan Siu Chun, Xu Yuanyuan

    Release Date: In September, 2016




    Story Outline: It starts from the famous Yichang Retreat in 1938 and finishes at the successful Shipai Defense in 1943. During the period, it also describes the famous Zaoyang-Yichang Battle in 1940 and the counterattack initiated by Yichang soldiers and civilians to recover Yichang in 1941. In the former one, Zhang Zizhong sacrificed himself to safeguard the country; in the latter one, Taro Inutaro, the head of No.13 division of Japanese Army, wrote a suicide note and nearly committed hara-kiri. The drama is divided into 4 parts which are unfolded progressively and reversed in the end, perfectly reflecting the main idea and profound connotation of “popular will sustaining the state”. Hu Yisheng (acted by Xu Jia) developed from a wounded soldier of the National Revolutionary Army to a great anti-war hero of CPC through the Four Yichang Defenses. By reproducing the earthshaking Four Yichang Defenses, it extols the national integrity of the patriotic and strong-hearted Chinese soldiers and civilians and the enormous strength of Yichang people at this critical moment. The four parts jointly embodies an eternal truth—the intangible country gate formed by the will, strength and wisdom of the people is truly unbreakable.

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