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    Qiao’s Grand Courtyard — The Road Ahead (Qiao 2)

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    Qiao's Grand Courtyard — The Road Ahead (Qiao 2)

    Type: Historical Story Drama

    Scriptwriter: Zhu Xiuhai

    Director: Lu Qi

    Producer: Meng Fanyao

    Starring: Zhang Bo, Tong Yao, Pan Hong




    Story Outline:  "Qiao 2" is about how QiaoYingxia, the ethnic elite of the generation and the fifth generation descendant of the Qiao family in Qiaojiabu in Qi County, Shanxi, carried out the will of his late grandfather, QiaoZhiyong, and promoted the road ahead to modernization in China during the times when 1911 Revolution broke out. The Qiao family once again left an indelible mark on China's modern and contemporary history by their changeless heart of national salvation.

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