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    Starrise Media Holdings Limited (“Starrise Media”) is a company listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 01616). It mainly invests in films and television dramas production and jacquard weaving.
    To size the good opportunity of the booming domestic film and television drama market, Starrise Media is committed to realizing the whole industry chain layout in film and television drama industry through investment, merger and acquisition, and integration of superior resources including excellent investment, production, distribution and derivatives in the industry. Through collaborative and scale operation of the upstream, midstream and downstream business of the industry chain, the listed company aims to transform its film, television drama and media sector into an outstanding large-scale enterprise in the domestic film and television entertainment industry, bringing good performance rewards to its shareholders.
    The operational entity of the company’s textile business is the Zibo Silverman Textile Limited located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, China. As a high-tech producer of quality home textile fabric in China, it mainly engages in the design, research, development, production and sale of quality home textile and clothing fabric and products, extensively selecting new types of functional and differential fiber such as cotton, tencel, milk fiber, soybean fiber, bamboo fiber and corn/bamboo blending fiber. The company has nearly 1,000 advanced weaving machines (including over 250 high-speed jacquard machines) with annual production capacity of fabric products reaching nearly 80 million meters. Welcome to visit http://www.ysltex.com for more details.
    Investment History:
    • In July, 2012
      Starrise Media Holdings Limited (formerly called “Silverman Holdings Limited”) was listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on July, 12, 2012.
    • In December, 2015
      Starrise Media acquired China’s leading company of film and television production Beijing Huasheng Taitong Media Investment Company Limited (“Huasheng Meida”) and entered into the production and distribution market of film and television (please visit the “investment layout” column on our website for details );
    • In May, 2016
      Starrise Media set up the wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Starrise Pictures Guarantee Co., Ltd(Starrise Guarantee) to deal with the business of completion guarantee (please visit the “investment layout” column on our website for details).
    • In September, 2016
      The Company acquired Beijing Starrise Pictures Culture Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Beijing Yingsheng Cultural Investments Co., Ltd.) for its layout of film and television business (please visit the “investment layout” column on our website for details).
    • In July, 2016
      China Sport Insurance Broker Co., Ltd: the Company bought shares of China Sport Insurance Broker Co., Ltd (please visit the “investment layout” column on our website for details).
    • In September, 2017
      The Company passed a resolution on the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders held on September 18, 2017 which approved to transform the company’s name from Silverman Holdings Limited to Starrise Media Holdings Limited in both Chinese and English language.